Clarity helps you understand your plan, reduce your costs, and provides access to local help most any time - for free.

We make sense of your health insurance


Easily find an affordable health plan.

Compare plans, premiums and tax credits
No need to enter your name, email or personal information
Get local expert help by text or phone

Clarity offers strategies and personal guidance at every stop along your healthcare journey. We not only help you choose the right plan, we are available all year long when you have a question or need help.

We are your personal guide all along the way. 

We know how confusing and expensive the healthcare system is. Clarity shares the best practices and strategies learned through years of experience to make your health care easier and less expensive to use.

Clarity makes sense of your health plan.

They just want to be healthy, but end up spending too much time and money in a system that seems broken. 

Most people are frustrated with health insurance. 


Whatever path your journey takes, Clarity is there to help with the best strategies and make your journey easier and less expensive.

Watch this short video to see how Clarity works

"Clarity showed me strategies to get better health coverage while reducing my cost. I didn't think that was possible with health insurance."

"I love having someone I can reach any time, because it seems like I always have problems on the weekend or after hours."

"Clarity helped me save over $100 per month on my prescription costs - using the same policy I already owned."

"I was so frustrated when I got a bill for a 'free' preventive visit and couldn't get it fixed. Clarity took care of it for me."

Put the same expertise trusted by TV news to work for you.

No Risk.    No Cost.    No Brainer.






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"Solving the Healthcare Puzzle"
Clarity founder, Lloyd Coleman, on KTVX 4 News